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If you speak English

The Facility Services Company Nagartav Ltd provides services janitorial, deals with waste management and delivering of municipal vehicles and containers. We have an owner vehicle park: garbage trucks, sweeping trucks, container for waste and multilift.
We are interested in any cooperation with foreign companies, namely:
I.                   Used vehicles
·         Garbage trucks, multilift, vehicles for waste separate collection;
·         Used containers for waste and waste separate collection (plastic or zinc coated bins in volumes of 120l, 240l, 660l, 770l, 1100l);
·         Goods, which we can put into containers (e.g. shredded or fractionated tires).
II.                Used systems of waste management companies
Any equipment for waste recycling
·         Wood chipping machine, equipment for wood chips compaction and production of fuel pellets;
·         Incinerator;
·         Sorting lines;
·         Equipment for waste recycling of:
       -        Fallen leaves;
       -        Kitchen waste;
       -        Construction waste;
       -        Medical waste;
       -        Oiled rags;
       -        Cleaning strainer;
       -        Waste of paint;
       -        Old roof waste;
       -        Waste water sludges;
       -        Other waste.
III.             Used equipment for operation in the municipal economy
·         Sweeping trucks;
·         Garden vacuum;
·         Snow removal vehicle;
·         Grass-cutter;
·         Instruments;
·         Overalls;
·         Small architectural forms.
IV.             Alternative fuel for cement plants
Shredded or fractionated tires different size
V.                Training
We are going to send our employees to different trainings in Germany. Especially we are interested in:
·         Separate waste collection;
·         Garbage recycling plant;
·         Software and logistics of waste disposal;
·         Disposal of household hazardous waste: batteries, lamps, expired medicaments and other;
·         Examination and training in case of buying of some equipment;
·         Work of Facilities Services Company, janitorial service;
·         Universal financial settlements centre. Work of single point of contact. Fund-raising for community facilities;
·         Operation of sorting line;
·         Waste disposal in private houses;
·         Fund-raising for waste disposal;
·         Operation of landfill;
·         Operation of scrap.
VI.             Buying land parcel and scrap in Germany
Goal: for collecting, preparation and delivery of equipment.
VII.          The Company Registration
Creation of joint company with German public utility or the company registration in Germany
·         Delivering of German equipment in Ukraine for leasing;
·         Taking part in German financial and leasing programs.
Awaiting your offers and looking forward for our cooperation in the future!
Please, send your offer to us by email: lang@nagartav.com.ua or call +380-61-222-59-09.